“Building a home is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can have.  It’s vastly more complicated than it looks.  With an Architect’s hand in the project, it’s possible to conceive and re-conceive the project until it reaches the point where it’s what you want on paper.  I felt much more confident making the financial investment in the build phase because I had time with Kelli to work through version after version in the design phase.  ~ Anna, Remodel Client

New Home Design -

New homes are great – a clean slate, plenty of ideas…where to even start? That’s where an Architect comes in – helping you figure out what you can and can not build on your property with all the new county regulations, and working together to sort through all your ideas to provide some type of “harmonious” piece that works well together.



As you see by my website examples, in today’s economy many people choose to remodel or add on to what they have because they either love what they currently have, or they want to budget these upgrades instead of build new. This is also very GREEN….


Hourly Consultations-

Do you have a great idea or already have a plan in mind? Sometimes people get stuck on a certain issue, or they need help with just this one thing… that’s great too! I can help point you in the right direction and get you started on the right foot.


The ultimate goal is to produce a set of drawings that the builder can use for construction, that blends both the Owner’s and Architect’s ideas to create “a beautiful balance of form & function”…

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How to Work with an Architect