January showcases a home currently in construction.  I’d like to show you what the home looks like now, and what the end goal is. 


This first picture on the left shows the dining room under construction.  There will be windows on 2 sides (the windows you see here) and a door on the 3rd side leading directly out to the porch.  What a fabulous view!


This picture shows a view from the living room, out through double doors and windows to the porch.  The porch has round top windows, double hung windows and french doors already installed.  This porch will really be a sunroom/indoor-outdoor room.


Although the plans on paper do not give you that 3D understanding of how a room will feel, you can see on the plan the walls, doors and windows shown.  These actual pictures help you get the feeling for how open and connected these important rooms will be.  The kitchen, great room, dining room, and sun porch will all be visible to each other.  Ceiling beams, carpets and change of flooring will help these rooms differientate each other, yet still be connected.